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Green and Eco Funerals


Member of the Association of Green Funeral Directors


What is an eco-friendly funeral?

An eco friendly funeral is a popular alternative to the traditional funeral service. Also known as green, sustainable or natural funerals, these options avoid the use of chemicals and coffins made of non biodegradable materials.


As members of the Association of Green Funeral Directors, we are committed to caring for the natural environment as we care for the families who entrust their loved ones to us.

GreenAcres Chiltern Woodland Burial Park, Aylesbury Vale Natural Burial Meadow and Chesham Bois Woodland Cemetery all offer a variety of options for green funerals including full burials and ashes interments. All these green burial sites are within easy reach of our local areas.

Eco coffins

All coffins that we provide are FSC certified, meaning they are made from materials sourced from well managed forests, ensuring they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Additionally we stock a specific range of eco coffins that are hand-made from natural green materials including; bamboo, wicker, cane, sea grass and banana leaf. All these natural materials are responsibly farmed  from sustainable sources making them ideal for eco funerals and green burial grounds.

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